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Tibetan Buddhism will be the Good Old Ways, and its suppression under modern communism may be portrayed with a touch of The Magic Goes Away. People gather around with friends to watch their favorite films or TV episodes for the zillionth time. Probably false, but the stereotype endures, and, as Italian Tropers will confirm, true. 18th and 19th century style German romanticism also did a lot to associate Germans with seriousness. Ever since Mao told

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all Chinese parents to produce as many children as they could the population quickly rose out of hand. When they cross a lake by pirogue they will be singing in unison while paddling. Foreigners assume its always snowing in Northern Europe, though sunny weather is not uncommon, too. A more negative stereotype is the perverted Japanese man who is a Nightmare Fetishist and possible pedophile.

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If an Eastern European villain is needed hell usually be Bulgarian (if he isnt Russian). Greek men all have a Overly Long Name. Nanook / nanuq means polar bear The Arctic itself will often be simply one blank white landscape, full of ice and snow. They are also commonly portrayed in propaganda works as a utopian society as a result of whatever the propaganda authors are advocating, as an example of the virtues of socialism (deconstructed here atheism (played straight here etc. This image is also influenced by The Red Cross, an organization founded by a Swiss, Henri Dunant. Italian cinema has four variations: neo-realistic dramas (Vittorio de Sica, Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, Pier Paolo Pasolini spaghetti westerns (Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci blood splattering giallo horror films (Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Ruggero Deodato) and an eccentric, decadent bizarre Grotesque Gallery (Federico Fellini). They will always be named Sven or Lars. Scots are also dismissed as being nothing else but a bunch of drunk and violent savages living close to nature. Ontario is best known for the Niagara Falls, which also covers a part of New York, USA.

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Horny Vikings: The oldest and most enduring stereotype about Northern Europe goes back to the Viking Age. Theres so much land, most of it hardly visited by humans, that even Russians themselves have no clue what secrets may be hidden in some of the most remote parts of their own country! The Triads and the Tongs ruled the place up until 1993, when everything was demolished. The 1964 film Zorba The Greek has fed the image that all Greeks love to dance the Sirtaki. After mounting their mustangs, they attack every stagecoach, covered wagon, or fortress in the neighborhood. This trope is so pervasive that when Turner Media colorized a bunch of old black-and-white movies featuring Frank Sinatra, they gave him brown eyes.

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